Action 1: Study to capture the current situation of local labor market

Action 2: Networking of the project at local and regional level

Action 3: Networking of young entrepreneurs to promote the cooperation between them and further strengthen of them

Action 4: Update-Awareness

Action 5: Coordination and Project Management

Action 6: training course on the fundamentals of computerized accounting

Action 7: training program on systems and quality assurance

Action 8: training program on the organization and administration of automated office

Action 9: entrepreneurship training program 1

Action 10: entrepreneurship training program 2

Action 11: training program in the field of social entrepreneurship

Action 12: Accompanying training program for tele-work

Action 13: Accompanying training program for PC 1

Action 14: Accompanying training program for PC 2

Action 15: Accompanying training program for business English

Action 16: Information-Counceling