The project aims to the strengthen of employment and the promotion, in the labor market, of 100 unemployed disadvantaged groups, sufferers of chronic diseases, utilizing as key drivers, Counseling support services, Vocational training and Retraining.

The beneficiaries of the intervention, will be supported for their integration into employment and in innovative business activities of Social Economy, directed on dynamic sectors of productive activity, based on the needs and characteristics of the local economy of regional unity of Thessaloniki.

Moreover, the aim of the project is the employment growth and the contribution to the local development and social cohesion, through social and occupational integration and improving the employability of unemployed VSG and the promotion of equal opportunities and the removal of conditions of social exclusion.

Expected results:

Through the implementation of actions of Advisory Support, Vocational training and Retraining of unemployed that will participate in the Intervention, is expected:

  • Forty people in paid employment jobs
  • Fifteen people in positions to obtain work experience
  • Thirty people for self-employment/entrepreneurship
  • Fifteen people for the establishment of two social enterprises