Microscopy Lab

Laboratory of Optical and Electronic Microscopy

1. Optical (or light) microscope of the house Zeiss, suitable for the observation of embedded samples in reflected or transmitted light with visible and UV light illumination.

 Specifically, the device comprises:

  • White light source with halogen lamp HAL 100
  • UV light source with high pressure mercury lamp HBO 100
  • Objective lens magnification of 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x
  • Excitation filter and cutoff (excitation and emission filters) for the observation of fluorescence (fluorescence)
  • Computer for editing digital photos

 2. Scanning Electron Microscope of the house JEOL with Spectrometer Energy Dispersion X - Ray of the house OXFORD.


Research activity:

The laboratory analyzes samples mainly from religious relics (images, paintings, manuscripts, textiles, etc.) and other items of cultural heritage. Also dealing with the study of micro / nano-morphology samples and evaluation of surface maintenance methods.
More specifically, the workshop focuses on the following areas:

  • Study of stratigraphy cased samples of paintings and samples of other cultural objects.
  • Observation of the color, the structure, morphology and particle size of the individual layers.
  • Assessment of material fluorescence .
  • Elemental analysis of microsample relics (identification of pigments, metal mordant dyes etc)
  • Study of the morphology of samples in order to evaluate the effect of aging mechanisms.
  • Evaluation of surface preservation methods.
  • University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki
  • Tel: +30 2310301784 , FAX 2310300360
  • Plastira 65